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2016 Israel Study Tour Details Being Finalized

Dates, Pricing, and Brochures coming next month

It has been a few years since my last Israel trip. I have had the opportunity to learn more and grow in my own understanding of the Hebrew roots of our Chrisitan faith. I am now in the final stages of planning a trip for 2016. This study tour will be the best yet! I have written a new expanded Bible study companion for the tour. It includes a section on Jewish disciple learning, fun activities, and a new guide to facilitate, "walking in the steps of Rabbi Jesus."

Ongoing archeological discovery will allow newly added sites to visit. Biblical Gilgal and the City of David are two examples of new sites that will provide truly meaningful and exciting learning experiences.

Make sure to check in regularly for updates. It would be my honor to lead you on a journey through the land.

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The Perfect Stage

Why Israel, the people and the land, is so critical to learning about God


There are many reasons that people travel to visit Israel these days. Most of those reasons are great. However, there is one reason that I would like to highlight as being more than just great....but wonderful! Touring the land can draw a person closer to God. A trip to Israel for anyone seeking to see God, understand Him, or learn more about Him can be so helpful.

You see, the geographical plot of land that was given to, and is now being occupied by, the Jews is God's chosen stage. He purposefully chose this land to display Himself. It is through the specific history, geography, and unique layout of the land that God used to show Himself to mankind. The glory of God is found in all of creation. But, I would say that this specific land is the pinnacle of that glory revealed. Everything about Israel points to God. For instance, you may never realize the impact of God's revelation of Himself as the strong tower, shepherd, living water, bread of life, or gate until you see how these analogies were woven into the very fabric of Israel and Jewish culture. Every single time I have visited a site from a Biblical account, I have been stunned saying, "Wow, now I understand what that means" or "That means so much more than I ever thought". It helps us to see the application. It moves us to desire more of the discovered truth.

Israel is intended to be a place where the character of God is to be understood in all aspects of everyday life, and the ways of God are to govern lifestyle and culture. And, at least in some degree, that has happened over the course of Israel's dynamic history. There are strong components of Jewish culture that have been preserved over their tumultuous history that can only be a result of divine preservation. God has chosen this people and stamped His glory into their being. It cannot be escaped. You can see it in their agriculture, customs, traditions, sociology, craftiness, and even success.

There are lessons to be learned for the believer today by studying some very distinctively Jewish customs. Biblical truths come alive and take on infinitely more relevancy and depth when you understand their origin and experience their context. There is a much needed emotional connection with the purposes of God that can penetrate deep into your heart when you behold the beauty of God's specifically chosen settings to reveal Himself - the mountaintops, the springs, the valleys, the vegetation, and the wonders of the desert. Our faith can be renewed from seeing the numerous archeological treasures that reveal God's love and plan for His children.

A study tour through the land of Israel can be like a mysterious wonder filled discovery of the awesome character of God. Then, its like seeing a personal connection as though finding your own long lost roots. It is thrilling to experience living physical and historical proof that God is exactly who He says He is. This encourages you, so that you can set your life journey to experience him every single day wherever you are.

God built a stage on which to reveal Himself in all His glory to mankind. That stage is called Israel. Any seeker who desires to see God and know more about Him will be abundantly blessed by taking a methodical and analytical walk throughout this wonderful stage. You will see Him close up like never before!

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TRIP BROCHURE NOW AVAILABLE (click on the pdf link in the text of this blog entry)

Well, this is lining up to be one of the best Israel study tours yet. Sorry, it took so long to get the brochure out, but I have been working VERY hard to get the price as low as possible. Thanks to my friend, Dr. Ronald Cansler and our travel partners in Israel we have obtained an incredibly low price for this trip.

I know it is tough financially these days. But, there are a few things that I would beg you to consider. First, while there are times where it is just not financially possible to take such a trip, we must consider what is important. We generally tend to spend money on what is important. Here is my question, is a life change that will impact your relationship with the Lord for eternity important? That is exactly what this trip can do for you. I'm telling you, it is radically life changing!

Secondly, please consider this as a possible calling from God. Pray to see if God is calling you to make sacrifice, replace priorities, or trust Him in ways that you haven't before. I can assure you of this...you will grow closer to God and have a greater understanding of His Word by walking through the Land of Israel. It is like the Word of God comes alive. You can see it, touch it, smell it, and experience it in a wondrous way.

Finally, you should be aware that it may not always be possible to travel to Israel. These days offer the most exciting season of discovery and development in the Holy land. The Israeli people, political situation, and fast paced archeological discovery make this a critical time to go. I truly believe that one day soon - as we quickly face end times - it will not be possible to safely travel to the Holy Land. We truly have an open door right now.

If there is anything I can do help you make this incredible journey through the Land of the Bible, please contact me. I will do anything I can to help.

Here is the trip brochure for June 2012:


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2012 Trip dates confirmed!

Ok, I have finally locked in dates for our Study Tour in Israel, 2012. We will depart June 3rd from either Seattle or Los Angeles (your choice), and we will return on June 14. My dear friend, Mark Howard, will be joining us and leading in worship. He has one of the most amazing voices in the world! Plus, he loves Israel!

The brochure is just about complete. I will be posting it shorty. If you have any questions about this trip, please do not hesitate to contact me. All are welcome.



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