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2016 Trip Quickly Approaching!

My next Israel Study Tour begins September 1st. It is interesting how each trip develops its own personality. The people who make up the tour group, geopolitical developments, and the ever changing archeological landscape all add to make each trip special and unique. This trip will be the first time that I only have travelers from the church that I pastor. In addition, it has turned out to be the smallest group ever. I am so excited because this will be an incredibly intimate and personal trip.

The experiences and learning opportunities when walking through the land of the Bible are life transforming. However, the community of the group can also be very encouraging. There is a special bond that develops among those who share the the experience together. The friendships that are formed seem to be unusually deep and genuine. When those who share that bond return to all serve in the same local church, the benefit lives on.

Each person going on this tour has a unique and inspiring story. Among them are a Vietnam Veteran military Chaplain and Seminary Professor, a recently retired police officer, and two caring widows. I can't wait to see how each full day of discovery in the Holy Land touches their lives personally. The changes will likely be dramatic and transformative. This has become one of the greatest joys for me in leading these tours.

Watch for pictures and personal stories from the individuals traveling with me on this journey. Hopefully they will bless you.


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2016 Trip Building Momentum

Excitement Grows for Our 2016 Israel Study Tour

I recently spoke with a man who has been to Israel before. After hearing more about the trip we are planning in 2016, He has decided to go back again. He said to me, "Pastor, you have a very unique itinerary and your teaching and passion inspires me to do things differently...God's way". His reasoning for going back to Israel with us next year is because he wants to see and hear what many people miss. The truth is that there are things to see and experience which are not on the average tourist based itinerary.

I am thrilled that is so much interest about this trip. People are talking about it, registrations are coming in, and the word is spreading. There are many things that make our 2016 tour to Israel very exciting. Here are just a few...

1.) This is a relatively inexpensive opportunity to walk through the Holy Land. It is the cheapest price I have ever seen. It is tremendous value considering we stay in 4 - 5 star resorts with gourmet buffet spread at each meal.

2.) There are several new archaeological discoveries that will enhance this tour. Each one that we will see, visit, or discuss has immense Biblical value and helps to deepen our commitment as a disciple of Jesus and follower of His Word. One of these was just discovered last month!

3.) This trip will be filled with awe-inspiring site visits. It will also include some very specific and practical teaching times. These lessons I have prepared are very practical while using the advantage of the historical and geographical context of being in the land. You will learn, understand, and remember so much more about the Bible. The experience provides a searing of emotion and intellect in such a way as to bring about genuine life change.

It's not too late to consider joining us on this epic Israel Study Tour, A Journey through the Land.

Brochures and Registration information can be obtained by emailing CrossPointe Community Church at: questions@cpccredding.org

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2016 Trip Brochure now available!

Walk Through The Bible Israel Study Tour with optional Greece Extension 2016

I still contend that going to the Holy Land to walk through the Bible is the most effective way of understanding and remembering the Bible. There is no better way to put the historical, geographical, and contextual components into clear focus like seeing it in person. It has a profound impact on all those who go.

Our next trip to Israel will be in September 2016. This trip has a few new Biblical sites added. Archaeologists have been working at break-neck speed to uncover Israel's precious history and Biblical Heritage. I can't wait to see them.

We will have some very meaningful teaching times added at Gideon's Spring, Megiddo, The Southern Steps to the Temple, and at the Garden of Gethsemane. It is going to be awesome! You will also have the choice to stay on for a 3 night extension to Greece as we follow the footsteps of the Apostle Paul.

If you have ever wanted to go to Israel, now is the time! The price is as low as you will ever see it. I encourage you to make the sacrifice to go with me to walk through the Bible.

To download a brochure, you can click on the link at the bottom of this blog page or...

Here is the link for the Israel Trip Brochure: https://www.scribd.com/doc/289501096/Israel-Study-Tour-2016-Brochure

Here is the link for the Greece Extension Brochure: https://www.scribd.com/doc/289501557/Greece-Extension-for-Israel-Tour-2016

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What they are not telling you in all the social media hype

Israel is still safe for tours

I have just heard from friends who recently returned from an Israel Holy Land Tour. They felt amazingly safe. This is what my friend and Israeli tour guide recently wrote...

"Forgot to tell you the news that the police are doing a great job in Jerusalem and all the thousands of tourists in the Jewish quarter feel very safe.
They forgot to tell you on the news that Jerusalem is safe and packed with tourists. This is in the Jewish Quarter"Israel_1.jpgIsrael_2.jpg

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