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Day 2 in the Land

All about Jesus

Today was an incredible day of learning and fun. We began the day with an up close and personal look at a boat from Jesus' day that was found silt and sand of the Sea of Galilee. Then, we set sail on the Sea of Galilee and had our Worship service out in the middle of the lake. The focus of the day was on Jesus as a Jewish Rabbi. We learned much about who we are to be as disciples by looking at His ministry center of Capernaum and the site of the Beatitudes. Finally, after a long hot day, we were all refreshed by the baptism of five travelers in the Jordan River.
Everyone is doing well. There is much note taking, picture taking, and nap taking.

Learning about Sycamore Trees
On the boat for worship service on the Sea of Galilee
Captain Deneen got to post the colors
Jessica diligently taking notes to get the most out of every experience. That blesses me.
Karen in her element
The group sitting in an ancient Synagogue that Jesus taught from in Capernaum
Jessica tries out the seat of honor at the Synagogue
He found a friend at Peter's Mother in Law's house...must be a descendant of Peter's Hebrew cat

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More Pictures from Day 1

Tell Megiddo model before walking the site
Caesarea - A port built by Herod which both Peter and Paul visited for very important ministry assignments
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First Steps in the Land

Day 1, September 2016 Trip

The first day of our journey was awesome! After a nice breakfast at a resort on the Mediterranean Sea, we headed up the coast to Caesarea. There we stopped at a Two Thousand year old amphitheater built by Herod the Great in order to explore the Bible together. Reading from the book of Acts we saw the very location where Peter first brought the gospel to the Gentiles (Cornelius) after receiving a vision from God in Joppa. We also toured the palace, Hippodrome, court, and harbor to gain many new insights into the New Testament.

From Caesarea we journeyed upward to Mt. Carmel. Mt Carmel gave us the perfect setting to study more about Elijah's challenge to the prophets of Baal, God's faithfulness to His people, and our own faith. We also had a stunning view of all of Northern Israel. We were able to see all the way down the Jezreel Valley (also known as the Valley of Armageddon Valley). Traveling South, we stopped at Tel Megiddo to walk through an archaeological site that contained 25 layers of civilizations.

After a short stop in Nazareth to look at how populated Jesus' little home village has become, we headed back North to the Sea of Galilee where we stopped for the night. It was a day full of wonder and discovery. I am sure all will sleep very well tonight!


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Journey through the Land departing in 2 days!

Our next group is ready and excited to experience the life transforming trip to the Holy Land

Our next trip boasts the smallest group we have ever taken. The Fourteen people leaving for Israel in 2 days will enjoy the unique benefits of touring the land with one of the best Israeli Study Tour Guides in the world! The really cool part is that they will have intimate and individual contact with her as we explore each site. The relatively low number of people will give each traveler the chance to get personal interaction that few people enjoy when part of the more common larger groups.
We look forward to seeing some brand new sites. I can't wait to stand at the site of Gideon's spring and read through the Scriptures allowing our group to reflect on God's provision and strength in times of weakness. We will also stop at the probable site of Gilgal off the banks of the Jordan River while celebrating some very recent developments from our own church.
You can follow the journey with daily updates and pictures starting Friday, September 2nd. It is going to be awesome!

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